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70s trend made easy!

September, the month of fashion weeks and there was certainly one trend that really stood out in my opinion- SEVENTIES! This trend featured on all of the main catwalks, from boho prints to shearling to my favourite, wide-leg trousers. After finally plucking up the courage to give these a go, I decided to search the high-street high and low for the perfect pair ready for this fall, and to no surprise Topshop did not disappoint. The wide-leg trouser is the perfect alternative to the usual skinny jeans, and just as flattering when you follow the rules below.

If you’re petite, you’ll understand the very real struggle of trying to pull off the catwalk trends, as most of the time we end up getting drowned by the garments.. NOT THIS TIME! Make sure you stick to the simple rules below to ensure that you pull of this super fashionable trend.

  1. HIGH-WAISTED: This is an essential for all us petite women out there! If we want to create the illusion of model-long legs and emphasize our waist, make sure you opt for the high-waist.
  2. VERTICAL STRIPES: Another key ingredient that will add inches to your legs, hiding your 28″ pins.
  3. FITTED: Make sure you choose the right size. I know this may sound like a ridiculous comment but be careful when ordering these online. Usually I’d have added my usual size 8 petite to the basket without thinking, however after having tried these on in the store, I ended up buying a size 4 petite. If you like me, have a smaller waist, but slightly larger hips and bum, then make sure you go for the size that fits your waist and really shows off your figure.

As always, Topshop nailed it! Providing us with a HIGH-WAISTED, STRIPED, PETITE wide-leg trousers. What more could we want?

These trousers allow us to feel like we’ve instantly put together a sophisticated and classy outfit, whilst remaining super fashionable. Another bonus to these trousers is that they are super versatile. I’d pair mine with a plain white drape blouse, and a pair of block heels to finish off. If you’d rather go full seventies, swap the drape blouse for a polo neck and a bold necklace.

Hair & Make-up: For the hair, try loose, bouncy curls or the classic messy bun, along with my date-night make up (as seen previously).

Soooo, make sure you ditch the skinnies and give the seventies look a try- you won’t regret it (trust me).

H xx


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