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Skincare saviour

With this winter being one of the coldest and wettest we’ve experienced in a while, its bound to have had a huge (negative) impact on our skin. It’s no secret that I love the winter months- cosy nights, mulled wine, wooly scarves, however for my skin, its not as fun.

I suffer from dry skin anyway, however I have definitely found my skin to be worse than usual with my usual face cream not having any effect, leaving me with flaky, dry skin.

So, over the past few weeks I have tried a few different skin care products ranging in price in order to discover a skin care routine perfect for dry, rough& flaky skin. If you like me, love beauty products, then it’s important than you look after your skin first to get the most out of your make up.

In this weather, it’s important to use multiple products rather than one heavy face cream in order to layer the moisture barriers, so I’ve got my step-by-step routine to help you fight your winter skin problems.

To start, I use Garnier Fresh Radiance Boosting Scrub whilst in the shower. Using this product three times a week is perfect to revitalise your skin, getting rid of any dullness as a result of the winter weather. Also, with its citrussy, summer scent, it’s just what you need to remind you of the summer months to come- sun tans rahter than winter skin (bliss).


Following the scrub, I use Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water for Sensitive Skin after getting out of the shower to get rid of any excess make up and to cleanse the skin properly, as it hydrates and soothes the skin. As well as cleansing the skin, it is also a superb make-up remover- simply squeeze some of the magic water on to a cotton pad and wipe over your face.

To further cleanse my skin, I use No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion. Simply apply to face and rinse with warm water. This is just an extra step to hydrate your skin that extra bit as it’s enriched with rosehip oil.

Now that your skin is exfoliated, hydrated and revitalised, it’s time to use a moisturiser. Having previously used a slightly more expensive No7 face cream (No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream (£9.50)), I found that my new favourite Garnier face cream is much more effective and over half the price. Garnier Skin Moisture Match Ultra Hydrating daily moisturiser for Dry to Very Dry skin is the dream face moisturiser for those who suffer from severe dry skin, like myself. Best of all, it is fast-absorbing and non-greasy, who is the opposite to the usual creams for dry skin. I apply this morning and evening to ensure that my skin is soothed and hydrated. This is also suitable for those who suffer from eczema, as my sister who suffers from eczema on her face uses this daily along with her prescribed creams to keep her skin clear.

If you still think your skin needs a little extra, I use Bath Spa Skincare’s Oat Bath, which is pure colloidal oatmeal and 100% natural. After having discovered this skincare company during the Christmas Markets at Bath last December, I’ve been hooked. As well as being local, it’s also a great company with the perfect products for your skin care problems, whether it be eczema, acne or just dry skin in general. Oat Bath has two uses- you can either add it to your bath to improve your skin, or mix it with some toner or water to get a super nourishing face mask. I mix two teaspoons od Oat Bath with a few drops of Aloe Calming Toner from the body shop, and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

So there you have it, a super afforable and super effective skin care routine that it guaranteed to improve your skin and fight the winter weather.

I’d love to know what you all think, so please leave a comment and feel free to follow me on Twitter (@writtenbyh)

H xx


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