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I hope you’re having a lovely weekend, and haven’t let the Monday blues kick in just yet. I for one, have had one of the nicest weekends full of plenty of goodies.

If you follow my Twitter and Instagram (if you don’t- make use of my new sidebar widgets please), you’ll all know that I’ve been lusting after a pair of snake skin boots from River Island, which my mother kindly ordered for me. These were the perfect distraction from the email that was about to arrive at any minute, containing my exam results. As with every delivery, I ripped the packaging open straight away and then continued to try them on and plan every outfit I could wear with them.

Yesterday I wore them with my black skinny jeans from River Island and a plain white blouse from Topshop as I didn’t want to draw any attention away from the new loves of my life.


Within minutes, I heard a knock at the door. Dominic had already warned me that he was getting a pair of trainers delivered to my house as he was out working all day, which seemed very normal to me. However, upon receiving the parcel, it soon became apparent that the box wouldn’t be able to fit one of his size 12 shoes in it, let alone two. Seen as it was addressed to me, I thought I’d have a sneaky peek inside, and to my surprise, I found a Fujifilm Instax Camera inside. I’ve been looking at these for a few months now, and was planning on buying one before I moved to Paris. I didn’t think he’d been paying any attention to them when we were looking at them in Urban Outfitters last weekend, but evidently I was wrong.

Yesterday, I went to Cardiff to meet my parents for the day, seen as they were so close. I had the nicest day possible- shopping, lunch and more than enough wine.
I needed a few basics, such as knickers and perfume, so I headed to M&S. I love the Rosie for Autograph range, so I tried the new perfume, Nuit Parfum. It’s lovely- warm, floral and very feminine.
I also bought some knickers, but I don’t think you need to see those.

Next up was Debenhams. With the move to Paris around the corner, I need to start thinking about my working wardrobe, as I don’t think my usual black jeans and a black top will suffice. Considering I’ll be moving to the fashion capital of the world, and working for a very dynamic and well-known branding company, I’m definitely going to need something fashionable, smart and a little different to usual.Whilst browsing around the Warehouse section, I came across this stunning belted dress. I love everything about it- the material, the length and the colour combination, and couldn’t bring myself to leave the shop without it. So, this dress became the first item in my working wardrobe, however I am now currently on the hunt for some shoes to match.

I’d love to know what you all think of the new additions to my wardrobe/desk.

H xx


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