Bath in Fashion 2016 | BIF Live Part 2

All caught up on Part 1? Good, because part 2 is finally here. Once we'd finished in Southgate, it was time for us BIF bloggers to head to our favourite shopping street in Bath, Milsom Street for our next shopping event in Jolly's. This was probably one of the highlights as we got to meet … Continue reading Bath in Fashion 2016 | BIF Live Part 2


Travel | The Gainsborough Hotel Bath

Bath, a city well known for its elegance, charm and culture, home ofย the distinguished golden coloured stone buildings, magnificent architecture and sophisticated hotels. The Gainsborough Bath Spa, one of the most prestigious hotels, located in the heart of the city, is a must for all visiting. Situated in the historic spa quarter, directly opposite the … Continue reading Travel | The Gainsborough Hotel Bath