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Spring Fashion | The newest additions

I hadn’t been shopping in what felt like forever thanks to my ridiculous workload, so having Mum down to visit for the weekend was the perfect chance. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, so we were just venturing in and out of shops, enjoying the incredible whether and drinking plenty of wine along the way.

1. Topshop Truster
I featured this coat on my wishlist last month and to be honest, I completely forgot about it until I saw it in store yesterday. It looks even better on than it did online, with the smart fit and beautiful blush colour making it the perfect coat for summer in Paris.

Shop the coat

2. Topshop Skirt
A little unusual and very versatile. It can be worn bear legged or with tights& black ankle boots on colder days.



Shop the skirt

3. Apricot Skirt 
I’ve never step foot inside an Apricot store before, despite having to walk past it every time I go into the city. But, I saw this skirt in the window and had to try it on. I’ve been looking for a midi skirt for weeks but was always worried that my height wouldn’t allow me to wear them, however teamed with a black body and my favourite black heels, it made a lovely, and extremely elegant outfit.


Shop the skirt

4. Bourjois Concealer 
Another first time for me as I’d never tried anything from the Bourjois counter, but I have seen it featured with a few bloggers and thought I’d give it a go.. I used it last night, and I really liked it, but I’ll post a full review up soon after more use.



Shop the concealer

Like anything in particular? Found something you love? Let me know

H xx


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