Bath in Fashion 2016 | Day 1

The week the city of Bath had been waiting for was here, and we were more than ready for it. So it was lipstick on, notebook& pen packed and plenty of coffee on standby.

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the Thinking Fashion event with Justine Picardie, and what a way to kick start a week full of incredible events.
Justine Picardie is the Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, my all time favourite magazine that offers much more than it’s fellow competitors. As well as her role within the oldest fashion magazine of all time, she is also an author and is well-known for her biography on Chanel, ‘Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life’.


“Never wear anything that makes you feel bad about yourself”

To begin, she gave a quick introduction to Harper’s Bazaar, explaining the reasons behind it’s phenomenal success. One of the main reasons is it’s audience; they attract an intelligent and thoughtful audience, allowing them to use fashion as their starting point, before exploring how it relates to all other areas in life- politics, arts etc. Bazaar was once described as being ‘for the well dressed women with a well dressed mind’, and it’s definitely unique in comparison to all other fashion magazines available to us. It’s timeless, which is shown through their enticing and classic covers- using striking imagery and less coverlines, as Justine showed us with a variety of cover shoots, both monthly issues and limited editions.

“I hope that Bazaar feels like a friend to its readers”

Following her wonderful stories about Bazaar, having worked alongside the most incredible names in the fashion industry, the focus turned to one of the worlds most renowned fashion designers- Coco Chanel.

Numerous books have been published about the life of Coco Chanel, however, Justine was the first author to have access to the Chanel archives, giving her that something different. She talked about how Chanel changed the world of fashion, how she allowed women to express themselves through their outfits, and how her influence is still very much present in women today. She is a symbol of female independence- she was the first lady to introduce trousers& cropped hair, she was the first lady to use black as a symbol of strength with her LBD and she defined herself rather than relying on the men in her life to define her.

“Chanel is a symbol of female independence. She’s her own best advertisement”

This was a truly inspiring afternoon, and it was evident the impact Chanel had on Picardie’s life, as she described her earliest memories of fashion- her mother’s Chanel style LBD wedding gown, and her classic No.5 perfume through until the present day, where she stood in front of usΒ wearing Chanel stripes.

“Never feel controlled or defined by someone else’s idea of what fashion should be”

H xx



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