Reflections | Realising what’s important

After weeks of coursework, revision and exams, and the move to Paris fast approaching, it was becoming far too easy to slip in to a pessimistic mindset rather than focusing on the invaluable experience that’s on offer, and the difference it will make.


The move to Paris, for me, has always been considered more of a fear than an adventure, and something that’s torn me in half. For a part of me, dropping out of uni was becoming the favourable option, whilst the other part of me realised that I’ve worked too hard to get to this stage in life to quit now, thus pushing me to where I am now. But after spending time with the people closest to me, I couldn’t ask for more support in helping me prepare for the toughest and most exciting year to come. Thanks to them, I’ve finally realised that yes, Paris is both a daunting and exciting adventure, but more so, it’s a blessing. To be able to embark on this new adventure, in one of the worlds most beautiful cities, is more than I could ever wish for, and something that is considered a dream or the biggest regret in life to others.

So, it’s now time for me to chase my dreams in the streets of Paris, swapping the countryside for city life, whilst not taking a second of it for granted. If you get the opportunity to embark on a new adventure, whether big or small, take it and run with it, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in a few days time.

What’s your biggest adventure? Or even your biggest regret? What would you like to see during my year in Paris? Let me know, either by commenting below or sending me a tweet (@writtenbyh)

H xx


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