Reflections | It’s the little things… 

After weeks of skincare posts, want lists and fashion hauls, it’s now time for something a little more personal.

I’ve lived in Paris for 5 months now and am slowly starting to miss the little things that I’d take for granted back home in the UK. Despite having settled in well, it’s now come to that time where the novelty of a new culture and surroundings has started to wear off, leaving me missing everything that was so familiar. I’ve haven’t been home in over 11 weeks, and still have another 5 to go, so I’m more than ready to swap the Eiffel Tower for the beach and the croissants for my dippy eggs and soldiers.

Last month I spent a weekend in London with my sister following 2 months apart, and a weekend full of shopping, eating British pub food and watching reality TV was exactly what I needed. This, followed by my parents surprising me in Paris could not have made me any happier, especially when my dressing gown and onesie came along too. As lovely as it was spending the past few weekends with them, they have also been a reminder as to how much I miss home.

The little things above are just some of the many things I miss from home, and with the countdown to Christmas fast approaching, these things are starting to niggle at me more than ever.

With every day comes a burst of excitement along with a little bit of heartache as the realisation of how different this Christmas will be hits me harder than ever. It would be the first year that I’d miss putting up the Christmas decorations, or seeing the John Lewis advert, or going for our annual trip to our favourite Christmas store to pick out our new decorations. These may seem ridiculous to someone who hasnt experienced life away from home, but for a family girl like myself, they all seem to add up. Despite this, I’ve never been more grateful or excited. I can’t think of any present that would mean more to me than spending Christmas at home with my family- nothing over the top, just a special family day, filled with plenty of food, wine and endless amounts of laughter. Of course the past 5 months have proven difficult at times, but they’ve also taught me some of the most important life lessons in making me realise that the little things in life will always be those which mean the most.

There’s not a single day that goes by where I don’t count myself lucky to be doing what I’m doing, in one of the worlds most beautiful cities with an army of support behind me. The endless support, together with the thought of being reunited my family continues to push me towards the Christmas finishing line every day. With a little over 40 days to go, I know that this year will be the best one to date.

H xx


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