Fashion | Where I Find My Fashion Inspiration

The same as everyone else, my style has developed a lot over the years, however for years now, fashion has always been a great interest of mine. At the age of fourteen, when I had my first job, I soon became very interested in clothes and make up and would usually spend my weekends wages in the local Newlook. Six years on, my style has definitely matured (as you’d expect), but another thing that has changed is where I search for my inspiration.

Throughout university I found myself struggling to find clothes which I genuinely liked- of course I had items that I loved, but on a whole I found it a bit of a struggle and would often stick to the same outfits because I felt comfortable in them.The creation of my blog, along with the move to Paris have both massively impacted my personal style. Having clothes which are both comfortable and trend led were essential to me, and now I have a wardrobe full of outfits which suit both my style and personality.

I understand that reaching this point is difficult for some, but below I’ve got 4 places, both on and offline where I search for inspiration.

  1. Fashion Bloggers
    This is a given, but also one of the most influential places to search for fashion inspiration. I love reading other blogs to see what others are buying or loving at the moment especially those who focus on high street fashion. I’m not suggesting that you should copy the exact outfits that they wear, but I always enjoy seeing how they style their items, and sometimes take an item to put my own spin on it.

    My main recommendation when using bloggers for inspiration is looking at international bloggers too, rather than just British as this is a great way to expand your style. Since moving to Paris, I follow a number of Parisian bloggers and often find their styles to be much more up my street than some British. Obviously if you don’t speak the language, I’d recommend following them on Instagram so you can just get small bursts of inspiration without the use of google translate.
  2. Fashion Magazines
    Another obvious but very important one, fashion magazines. For me, big fashion magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Vogue and Grazia are my biggest inspirations, despite being more high-end. Again, I read a mixture of both the french and english versions, however this is a personal preference. I usually find a style I love, and then search for the high-street equivalent or take the inspiration to create my own outfit. Shops like Zara are a great place for this, as they usually have designer dupes in their stores within one-to-two weeks making the high end pieces easily accessible on a budget.

    In order to get your inspiration as quickly as possible, buying these magazines after fashion weeks is the best way to stay up to date. They usually have a section dedicated to fashion weeks, from the catwalks to the shows guests and is one of the best forms of inspiration.
  3. Street Style
    Online materials are brilliant, but more often than not I find inspiration whilst exploring the streets. Whether it be in Bath, London, Paris or at home in Wales, I love getting inspiration from seeing how others dress. In addition to other people, wondering in and out of stores looking at how they dress their mannequins gives you a great idea of how to style their pieces.
  4. Instagram
    This is probably one of my latest forms of inspiration and has only come as a result of blogging. I could spend hours every day searching through Instagram looking at my favourite brands and have found some of my favourite pieces as a result of the “photos of XXX” page or by searching the hashtags. I find it difficult to judge an item online, especially with shops such as Zara and Topshop, so searching their sites and hashtags, along with following unofficial pages dedicated to the stores is a great way to see how real girls look in the item.
    In addition to this, its also a great place to search for bloggers, as they will usually post their outfit photos on instagram before they get the chance to post a blog or video.Where do you find your fashion inspiration? Have you got any favourite magazines or bloggers? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
    H xx

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