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Fashion | 6 Zara Items You Need Right Now

I’ll admit that Zara has become an unhealthy obsession of mine, but with new stock being added to the website nearly everyday, it’s impossible not to have a different want-list every week. Keep reading to see what’s next on my shopping list.

**Warning, this post will make you head to your nearest Zara store/online this weekend.**

Left to Right

  1. Faux Suede Coat
  2. Sateen Dress
  3. Short Leather Effect Skirt
  4. Elasticated High Heel Leather Ankle Boots
  5. Printed Blouse with Bow
  6. 2-Pack Front Bow Choker

Which items are your favourite? Or are you currently eyeing something up in the store? Please let me know, either by leaving a comment or a link below.

H xx

*the images used have all been taken from




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