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Beauty | Spring ‘Off-Duty’ Makeup Routine


I wrote a similar post back when Written by H was first born, and love seeing how much my method and style has changed when it comes to beauty. Having stumbled across the first version of this post over the weekend, I decided to revisit some of the products used to see if I’d fall back in love with them or not. It’s safe to say I didn’t which is the inspiration behind today’s post.
In a similar way to fashion, your style with makeup will constantly change, and that’s definitely true for me. I’ve fallen back in love with high end pieces, combining them with my cult favourites from the high street. By no means am I an expert, but I now know what products work for my skin, what colours complement my eyes and how to make the most of my naturally long eyelashes.
Despite this, one thing that’s remained a constant for me is that less is still more. Living in Paris has taught me the power of minimalist chic- a soft complexion, paired with mesmerising lashes and a subtle coloured lip.


A very new addition to my make up collection, but one that has fast become my holy-grail product. I have a very uneven complexion, and redness is a daily battle for me, along with my dry and dehydrated skin. Despite knowing I needed a primer, I could never find one which seemed to help my skin or make my foundation appear flawless.

The Urban Decay Self-Adjusting Primer is a colour correcting and blurring primer which fills in fine lines and pores leaving skin with a flawless, velvety soft finish. Unfortunately, I wasn’t gifted with naturally small pores, so this primer tackles all of my skincare issues.



I’m very lucky in that I work in a super-chilled office, where nobody wears an ounce of make up, so my skin is allowed to breathe during the week. On weekends, I like to have that extra bit of coverage just to boost my natural complexion. I’ll admit, I’m one of those girls who loves applying foundation, and love seeing my skin come to life as I cover my face, waving goodbye to any remaining flaws. For day-to-day wear, I hate full coverage foundations and always opt for a light coverage that leaves me with a radiant, natural finish.

The Urban Decay One and Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector is perfect for just that. It blurs imperfections, evens skin tone and contains the nourishing ingredients found in moisturisers. And just as an added bonus, contains SPF 20! I can already tell that this will be my go-to product for the summer months, when the natural bronzed look will be my signature look.



As the title suggests, this look is meant to be natural, so try and keep the concealer to a minimum. If I’m having a good skin day, then I’ll apply a thin layer of my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer under my eyes, just to fake the look of a good nights sleep.



Depending on just how natural you want to look- you have two options:

Mascara only. Some of you may want to keep this look super simple and use just your mascara to make your eyes pop. If on the rare occasion I wear make up to work, I usually opt for this option just to keep it as bare-faced as possible. However, I love my eyelashes, so do like to use a mascara that really makes them stand out. The L’Oreal False Lash Sculpt Mascara is my absolute favourite, it’s perfect. From the colour intensity, to the length, to the volume- this really does tick all the boxes.


Add a small pop of colour to your eyes. This is usually my preferred options for the weekends, as it adds that extra dimension to the look, whilst maintaining the natural effect. I tend to reach for the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette when looking for the perfect shade, and like to mix it up according to what I’m wearing and how I’m feeling. This palette is the perfect ‘naked’ palette- subtle enough to remain natural, but about as far as you could go and still call it basic.
I’m obsessed with the shade ‘Magnet’ and find myself applying this to my upper lash line to create a subtle smokey effect. Again, on the days where I want to go that one step further, I’ll take the shade ‘Blackjack’ just to make my lashes appear a little thicker. Once you’re happy with the colour, apply your mascara as normal.


Again, you don’t want to go overboard on the bronzer and risk looking like you’ve had your make up done by an oompa loompa, you want to fake a natural sun kissed finish. Using an angled brush, apply a small amount of bronzer to your brush, before using your hand to remove the excess power. Once you’re happy with the amount on your brush, in circular motions, apply the bronzer using a light hand to the areas where the sun would naturally hit. I’ve recently been using two shades from the NYX Professional Contour Palette, to fake the effect of having cheekbones, before applying a small amount of the highlight to the tops of my cheekbones.



Thanks to my latest Sephora purchase, I’ve fallen back in love with blusher. I’ve been using Benefit’s Sugarbomb for years, but have recently started to hate how shimmery it is. The Sephora Colourful Face Powder in 01 Shame on You is a really beautiful soft rose colour and gives a gorgeous subtle pop of colour to your face.



Finding a shade which is similar to your natural lip colour but better is key for this look. The NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Ruffle Trim is my perfect shade, and the matte look creates the perfect finish.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that you like the final look!

H xx



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