REVIEW | The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Mask

DSC00188-01The third and final post in this series is here, and as given away by the title, it’s all about The Body Shop’s (TBS) radiance mask.

As with the Himalayan Charcoal and Ethiopian Honey masks, the Amazonian Acai is 1/6 of the expert facial range. Infused with acai berry and guarana extracts, this mask will fight the appearance of fatigue whilst invigorating your skin and giving it a boost of radiance when it needs it most.

The three key ingredients:

Acai berry extract from Brazil – rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C that fight the appearance of fatigue.

Guarana seed extract from Brazil – known for its energy boosting properties from its high concentration of caffeine.

Community trade organic babassu oil from Brazil – an effective nut oil known to soften smooth and revitalise the skin.


How to use it: 

Once skin has been cleansed and any makeup removed, smooth an even layer onto the face (avoiding eyes and lips). I use The Body Shop facial mask brush for an even layer, however an old (clean) foundation brush also works, or it can be applied using your fingers. The instructions suggest leaving it on for 5-10 minutes, before rinsing with warm water and a muslin cloth.

Use this mask 2-3 times per week, or daily if required.


My experience with the mask: 

The application: I have very sensitive and dry skin and haven’t experienced any irritations/problems with it. As with the honey mask, the texture of the mask remains the same, and doesn’t dry out.

The results: I purchased this mask during my exam period, so as you can imagine, I was stressed with zero-energy, which you could definitely tell from my face. After the first use, my skin looked much more radiant and awake. Following the exams, I have continued to use the mask and my skin looks brighter and clearer, which is exactly what I needed.


What’s good about it?

Honestly, everything! The smell is gorgeous and the texture is a great mix of being exfoliating without being too harsh, especially for sensitive skin.  It does everything I was hoping for and more.

What’s not great about it?


How much does it cost?

£17 for 75ml

Would I repurchase? 100%

How do I use it?

I use this as part of a multimasking routine, and apply it to my cheeks which is usually where I suffer from tiredness and dullness.




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