Who is H?

H is Hannah; A welsh girl who’s swapped the countryside for city life.

Written by H was born in 2015 whilst searching for a way to gain experience in branding/marketing to find an internship. I’d spent years practising make-up looks on friends and family, and was always asked where I’d bought my clothing, so I thought I’d give people a place to find everything they need to know.

Following two years in university studying international business and french, I moved to Paris where I worked as a strategic consultant for a digital communications agency. Since moving to Paris, my blog continued to grow, with a focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

What can you expect to find on Written by H?

Written by H strives to offer its readers an up-to-date information on their favourite subjects, with a range of posts including hauls, reviews, and events. I am a little over 5ft so expect to see plenty of outfits for petite girls, including outfit posts, recent purchases and favourite items on the high-street. I’ve also developed a huge passion for skincare in recent months, and have really invested some time and money into finding the routine that works best for me, so you’ll find plenty of new posts under the beauty section of my blog, whether it’s my go-to make up looks, or a new skincare find.

If you’d like to keep up-to-date in between posts, follow my Twitter and Instagram.


H xx


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